How to install ball bearing drawer slide video

how to install ball bearing drawer slide video

How to Install Cabinet Drawers with Ball-Bearing Slides

Dec 23, аи 10 pack of Ball Bearing Phillips Extension Bit Makita 6" 6 Pair of Ball Bearing. Apr 19, аи How to Install Ball Bearing Drawer Slides. Tools Needed: Kreg Drawer Slide Jig. Get the jig in the Hardware Installation Kit and save over 10% vs. buying them all separately. On sale through Dec 31, (or while supplies last). Drill and impact driver; Clamps (2 are included in the kit) Kreg multi-mark tool; Pencil; Supplies: Ball bearing.

It's easy to install full extension drawer slides with my unique, no-math method! On the very first try, gideo can have perfect sliding drawers - without all the hassles and head scratching.

Instead of measuring and building a drawer box and hoping it fits, we simply build it in place, measuring and cutting as we go. That combined with some insider tips, you'll be creating drawers that slide perfectly on the first try on YOUR first try.

This method is designed to videeo with the most popular type of drawer slide, the "full extension" or "ball bearning" drawer slide, usually stainless steel in color and available just about anywhere. In this video, I walk your though my method as I install a drawer in my kitchen using full extension drawer slides. If you prefer reading and diagrams, I've also put together a step by step of my drawer slide installation method.

You can use a variety of materials, the easiest is off the shelf 1x boards, for example 1x6 boards. You can also use plywood ripped into strips or finger joined lumber a great choice for dimensionally stable drawers.

If your drawer is NOT sliding as how to install ball bearing drawer slide video like, you can make adjustments as long as the drawer is smaller than the opening. A too large drawer has to be cut down in size. A drawer face instlal used to clean up the front of the cabinet and fully enclose the interior. It is not essential to the function of the drawer, but can dress up the cabinet and make it finished.

I hope this tutorial helps you install drawers easier, faster and better. If you have any tips that help you, please leave below in the comments. Thank you How to install ball bearing drawer slide video. I'm building an end table and was just bxll to tackle the drawer and glides. You showed me an easier and almost foolproof way to do it that will save me hours of frustration.

Many thanks! Single Simple Modern Outdoor Lounger. Narrow Farmhouse Table Computer Desk. Works well painted too! Square Farmhouse Table. Sweet pea bunk bed. Trimmed and ready for Christmas beraing Dollhouse.

Home Office Project. French Country Sideboard. Bathroom Vanity Inspiration. Fun The Actual Marriage Proposals. Vinegar and Steel Wool with Tea Project. Adirondack Chair Home Depot Plans. Faux fireplace. Black Farm House Bed. Pottery Barn knock off. Tractor Seat stool. What's the Big Secret? It's simple. We build the drawer box in place. What are Full Extension Drawer Slides?

Full extension drawer slides as t to in this tutorial are Side mount Usually silver metal in color Full extend how to play apache air assault the cabinet so the entire drawer what is bowling ball made of out of the cabinet Smooth ball bearing glide Most common drawer slide at hardware stores and online Usually come in even sizes 10", 12", 14" etc Can be "heavy duty" meaning can hold heavy loads Can be used for purposes beyond drawers extending tables, sliding furniture, pullout hook bars etc Video of Installing Drawer Slides In this video, I walk your though my method as I install a drawer in my kitchen using full extension drawer how to use volumatic spacer. Prepare the Cabinet Avoid drawers over 3 feet wide - as drawers will get wobbly as they slide, and may sag when too large.

Make sure the cabinet is "square" on the inside - meaning the interior of the cabinet is NOT a trapezoid or parallelogram instaall. If installing directly to the cabinet insides, look out for any cupping of the cabinet sides, where the drawer might get pinched as it slides in - this is especially common when solid wood is used to build the cabinet, and the 1x12s boards or similar warp and cup inward or outward.

If the cabinet has a face frame, legs that go all the way up, or other detail that will keep the drawer slide from sliding out the front, fur out the inside of the cabinet.

If furring out the cabinet interior, make sure the furring strips are located where your drawer slides can be screwed to them. Install Cabinet Members in Cabinet Notice how the screw holes for both the cabinet member and the drawer member are all in a line, centered on the drawer slide? So all we need to do is draw lines where we want the center of the drawer slides to be, and screw into our lines.

Determine where you want the center of the drawer slide and make a mark. This can vary depending on where you want your drawer or how deep the drawer is. I do like to keep my slides close to where the drawer pull or handle is located when possible.

Vidwo a level to draw a line on the inside of the cabinet from your marks. Make the same line on drawrr sides of the how to install ball bearing drawer slide video of the cabinet. Install the cabinet member of the drawer slide so screws are centered on your line.

Use the screws inside the U shaped tabs if possible, as this will give you some adjustment if needed later. Inset Drawer Faces: Hold the drawer slides in the distance what is mini split air conditioning your drawer face on the front, if using a drawer face.

Overlay Drawer Faces: The drawer slides should tk installed just slightly back from the front of the cabinet. FAQ: How long should the drawer slides be? I like to buy the longest drawer slides that will fit in the cabinet with some wiggle room. Place the drawer side board where it needs to be installed in the cabinet, and mark the center location of the drawer slide on the board. Repeat for both sides.

Draw level lines on the drawer side boards, parallel to the top edge of the drawer side board Install drawer member on the drawer sides, screws into the line Once the drawer slides are installed on the drawer sides, insert into the viddo member and make sure the sides slide good.

Take a measurement in between the sides at the front and back, cut the drawer front and drawer back to equal the smaller of the two measurements. It's better to build on the smaller side than too large. FAQ: What type of material do I use for the drawer box? Finishing the Drawer Build the rest of the drawer box by attaching the front and backs to the sides. Attach the bottom to the drawer sides and front and back.

Make sure the bottom is attached square to the drawer. Replace the drawer in vidwo cabinet and make sure it what texas state house district do i live in perfect. Adjusting Full Extension Drawer Slides If your drawer is NOT sliding as you'd like, you can make adjustments as long as the drawer is smaller than the opening. Full extension drawer slides have tabs that can be bent outward to create space between the drawer slide and the cabinet.

If possible, look at the bottom of the drawer and how it lines of with the drawer slides, and check where the drawer is not square to the cabinet Bend the tabs to shim the drawer slides Adjust until the drawer slides perfectly. If the drawer is binding vertically, loosen screws on drawer members and adjust the drawer up or down until it slides perfectly.

Drawer Face A drawer face is used to clean instqll the front of the cabinet and fully enclose the interior. Cut the drawer face to the desired size. Drill holes for the hardware in the drawer face. Position the drawer face over the drawer box and attach with temporary screws through the drawer hardware holes. Thank you and Happy Sliding! I've followed many of your plans over the past several years and love them all. Thanks, JohnD. Tips and Techniques.

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Smooth ball bearing glide; Most common drawer slide at hardware stores and online; Usually come in even sizes (10", 12", 14" etc) Can be "heavy duty" meaning can hold heavy loads; Can be used for purposes beyond drawers (extending tables, sliding furniture, pullout hook bars etc) Video of Installing Drawer Slides.

Drawers are so useful! They are my favorite part of a kitchen, desk, console, and more. But they can be intimidating to install. So I partnered with Kreg Tools to share all my tips for how to install cabinet drawers using their awesome drawer slide jig. And bonus, you can get this jig on sale in the Hardware Installation kit now through Dec 31, or while supplies last.

I use all of the Kreg Hardware jigs on a regular basis! This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. And for help building your own cabinets check out this post. The first part of successful drawer install is a successful drawer build. You need to know what the requirements for spacing are for your drawer slides. Also, when building your drawers, I always err on the side of too small over to large.

The drawer slides can quickly be shimmed out a 16th or 32nd of an inch to fit a smaller drawer. Lastly, square drawers will fit so nicely into your cabinets. There are so many different options for drawer slides. I typically use ball-bearing drawer slides for a few reasons:. Full extension means that the drawer back is brought to front of the cabinet box when fully opened.

This allows full access to the contents of the drawer. Of course, if you have an overhang on your countertops most usually do the back top drawers will be slightly hidden behind the overhang. If you want even more access to the items in your drawer, you can use over-travel drawer slides that extend the back of the cabinet an inch or so past the cabinet box.

We used an over-travel drawer slide for our pull-out trash can cabinet. This allows us to lift the trash can out of the trash can drawer if needed because it brings the drawer out past the countertop.

This makes a large drawer feel so small. Soft close is a feature that stops the drawer from slamming shut. Even better, after it stops the drawer, it slowly pulls the drawer to the fully closed position. If you have kids, the soft close can come in very handy. No more slamming drawers and no more almost-closed drawers. And you can always upgrade slides later when you have more money in your budget and save the non-soft close slides for more projects!

Make sure to pay attention to the weight limit on your drawer slides when purchasing them. Large drawers can hold lots of items so you want to make sure the slides can handle it. Also, take into account the weight of your drawer when figuring how much weight you need your drawer slides to hold.

To install drawer slide, the side of cabinet needs to be flush with the side side of the opening. If you are installing drawers in frameless cabinets, this is already the case. If you are installing drawers in a face frame cabinet, you will have to do some additional work before you can install drawer slides since the face frame usually will have an overhang into the cabinet box. You have two choices to fix this, one is to use the plastic clips made to work with face frame cabinets.

The front of the drawer slide is attached to the inside of the face frame and the back to the clip. The other option is to add a strip of scrap wood inside your cabinet where you are installing the drawer slides to bring it flush with the sides of the face frame. If you want to install overlay cabinet doors where they sit on top of the face frame you can use either method.

If you want to install inlay cabinet doors where they sit inside the face frame you can only use the second option. I prefer using the second option all the time. I always have scraps of wood laying around that I can use for drawer slide blocking.

And since I like to use fill my drawers full and use them often, I am worried those plastic clips will not hold up to lots of heavy use and abuse. The wood blocking definitely does! The cabinets I built for our new kitchen are a mix of frameless and face-frame cabinets. I am installing inlay cabinet doors, but still wanted the classic look of the face frame cabinet. And bonus, it makes it easy to install drawer slides without any additional blocking or clips.

But even if you have face frame or frameless cabinets, installing the slides is the same! Before you can install the drawer slides, you need to take them apart. To do this, pull the two pieces apart until they stop. Then look for the black plastic tab on the inside of the drawer slide. Pinch this tab toward the side of the drawer slide to release the two pieces. I find you need to pinch the tab and press them slightly together again, then pull apart to get the slides to release.

If you are installing drawers in a drawer base without a cabinet on bottom, the install of the bottom drawer is a little different. You cannot use the Kreg drawer slide jig for the install since you need the drawer slide closer to the bottom of the cabinet. Instead, use a couple pieces of scrap wood to hold the slides off the bottom of the cabinet.

This works perfectly for a spacer when installing the bottom drawer slide. When installing the drawer slides, I like to use the holes in the tabs sections of the drawer slide. These will allow a little flex as the drawers are installed. Drill a pilot hole in the hole in the front tab of the drawer slide. Make sure it is centered in the hole. Now repeat with 2 more screws one in the center of the slide and one toward the back.

Make sure to use the screw openings on the tabs again. Be careful not to bump or move your slide as you install the screws. Double check the slide is flush against the plywood scrap and properly spaced on the front as you go. Any drawers not on the bottom will be installed the same way using the handy Kreg drawer slide jig. For face frame cabinets: pull out the gray tab on the top of the drawer slide jig forward.

Also, pull out the side tab out too. Place drawer slide jig A on the right side of cabinet and B on the left. The tab on the top should rest on top of the face frame rail and the tab on the side should sit up against the wall.

For frameless cabinets: do not pull out the tabs. Place drawer slide jig B on the right side of cabinet and A on the left. Clamp them to the side of the cabinet to secure. You can clamp both jigs on at the same time, but I find myself bumping up against the one I am not using as I try to maneuver inside the cabinet. So feel free to do one at a time! Then I used the top tab over the face frame and clamped them to the face from like face frame cabinets.

I did have a small challenge with the weight of the drawer slide causing the back of the drawer slide jig to occasionally drop down because there was not a face frame for it to but up against. But I just always double-checked that the bottom was flush with the face frame before securing the back screws. Add screws in the front, middle and back to secure. Then repeat for the other side and any other drawer slides you need in your drawer base.

This is also how you would attach drawer slides to any base cabinet that has just a single drawer above the cabinet. If you look at the instruction manual for the drawer slide jig, it will show you how you can clamp the jigs so they protrude in front of the cabinet. Then you can balance the drawer box on them and attach the other part of the slide to it. I find this a little challenging with large kitchen drawers which are the only kind of kitchen drawers I like!

So instead I easily attach the slide to the drawer box before I insert it into the cabinet. Using my Kreg multi-mark tool, I place the second piece of the drawer slide on the side of the drawer box. Then flip the box over, use the scraps of plywood to balance the drawer box without having it teeter on the slide. Secure the other slide in the same manner, make sure the slide is mirrored so the front is on the front of the box.

Then slide it into the drawer sides in the cabinet. You want the slides on the box to slip into the notches on the slides in the cabinet. The slide will be tough to push in the first time re-connecting the slides. But push it in all the way. Then check your drawer slide installation by opening and closing the drawer a few times. It should slide nicely! Depending on how much you need to shim the slide out, fold the piece of paper in half, thirds or fourths.

Loosen up the screws on your slides and tuck the piece of paper next to the tabs that the screws are in. Rescrew in the screws and retest your drawer. It should be easier to connect the two pieces and things should slide smoother. Continue to tweak as needed.


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