How to restore a fiberglass pool slide

how to restore a fiberglass pool slide

Refinishing / Restoring a Fiberglass Pool Slide

Nonetheless, with normal wear and tear, a fiberglass pool slide can develop cracks or holes in it over time. To repair these, you need fiberglass filler and a special kind of fiberglass paint. The materials are generally quite cheap and can be found in many home improvement stores. Mix the fiberglass filler with the hardener using a small bucket and a stir stick. Follow the recommendations on the container for the correct amount of hardener. Apply the filler to the cracks using a putty knife. Smooth the filler out so it's flat and level with the surrounding fiberglass.

Pool Slides are loads of fun, always ready for action. In the last ten years, pool slide construction materials have changed, and this has led to presumably less maintenance or repair issues. For instance, slides are no longer made from a fiberglass shell, with a thin gelcoat surface. Rotomolded polyethylene, or thermoplastic acrylic surfaces are used nowadays, with the color all the way through.

And ladders are different how to restore a fiberglass pool slide — gone are the flimsy aluminum legs, most slides now have a closed ladder design, which not only looks better, but is safer too. Nonetheless, even these new style pool slides will need cleaning, maintenance and repairs. And, there are thousands of older pool slides installed in America, in need of some tender loving care.

Cleaning a pool slide is needed every few months to keep the original luster of your pool slide. Ladder treads and the top of the slide deck can catch dust and dirt, held fast by air borne oils and pollutants. Hair products, skin lotion and tanning oil how to disable floppy disk can be how to restore a fiberglass pool slide behind by users, and your slide could how to work on cb radios the occassional target for birds flying overhead.

The slide legs, which can be powder coated steel or aluminum, can develop scale or rust on the surfaces or around nuts, bolts and flanges. For all surfaces, if you clean it often, you will only need to use a small amount of dish soap and a soft cloth. For a deeper cleaning, you can gently use a granulated chlorine powder not pool shock! Be careful not to scrub too hard, and use only a soft cloth. Windex Ammonia can be used to bring a polish or quick wipe downs.

You also can use Formula or Fantastik cleaners. Some cleaners contain phosphates and nitrates that are best kept out of your pool. Steel or Aluminum ladders and legs can be cleaned with the same cleaner, and rinsed onto the pool deck. Use Bon Ami for scale build-up on aluminum. For saltwater pools, indoor pools or pools by the ocean, it is recommended that the slide surfaces be rinsed daily to remove salt buildup.

Cleaning schedules should be accelerated too, to keep the slide looking good. Rinse slide well, then tape a heavy plastic trash bag onto the bottom of the slide, to catch soapy rinse water. Bonus tip — empty the bag before it gets too full! Remember that pool slides have a weight limit of lbs. Exceed this limit and the slide could become damaged, or the slider could become injured. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content.

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Apr 29,  · I have acquired an old fiberglass pool slide and am starting work on restoring it. The slide looks like it might be an SR Smith Rogue Grand Rapids slide (deck only, no legs, ladder or other hardware). I think this one is an older model of the Rogue Grand Rapids slide, but very similar to . Dip a disposable paintbrush in the gel-coat mixture. Apply a layer of gel coat approximately 1/16 inch thick. Apply additional gel coat over cracks or nicks to ensure the surface is flush with the. Place painter’s tape around the pool to protect the deck from the fiberglass gel. Filled up w stuff it and about 6 layers of fiberglass and some bondo.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. First Prev 2 of 5 Go to page. Lazyjay New member. May 2, 1. They have the best recommendation for refinishing a pool slide. It is just like the outdoor play set that capable to restore the texture of the slide. It's better to know the process identification of the slide so that you know how to restore it.

Panther LifeTime Supporter. Apr 26, 13 Lansing MI. We sanded down the slide which made a huge difference. Still have to take some pic's. We have a few chips to repair and then another sanding and cleaning. I ordered the Interlux perfection after talking to our marine supply store.

Depending on the weather we should be able to finish it out in a week or so. Hey- Here are pictures from our slide refurbishing. We used the Interlux Perfection. It took about 2 days for prep with sanding, bondo and waiting for the weather.

We have one more coat to put on. The paint is a little tricky to use but not bad. We bought one quart It takes approximately 4 hours to dry to the touch and 14 hours to overcoat which means if your slide is exposed as ours is you have to have some good weather.

We did have a couple of bugs land in the wet paint but it didn't hurt the finish. The bugs didn't fare so well however. It does look like we have a new slide! JPG Here are some shots after the Inerlux. Platinum Supporter. LifeTime Supporter. May 7, 37, Silver Spring, MD. That looks just beautiful!

In The Industry. May 20, 12, Key West, FL. Apr 2, Acton Maine. Wow that is awesome it looks brand new! Apr 13, Schnecksville, PA. Holy cow, thats absolutely amazing! Has your daughter given it her stamp of approval yet? Well, we sanded down any imperfections and put an overcoat on and we have a couple of spots that are a little duller than others.

That is mostly at the top of the slide which may be due to the dew we had during the night. It did turn out really well and we are going to buff it out and wax it for protection. We had to order the sprayer nozzels for replacement.

The parts were for a Smith slide even though we are not certain that is the brand of our slide but they fit just fine. Word of warning Although, it was much cheaper than replacing the slide I thought the cost for the silly little nozzels was ridiculous.

But all in all it cost us about Not bad for the results. BTW I really appreciate the video's that were posted from Interlux. They were SO helpful to make sure we did everything right. This site is wonderful! May 24, 1. Thank you for sharing this. I stumbled on to your posting and must say I'm inspired.

Phenomenal job! Enjoying this content? Support TFP with a donation. Give Support. May 27, 5. I need to replace the water jets and tubing on my slide I'm in the process of refinishing.

It's identical to the one in the pictures above. I've repainted using the Perfection paint and it looks great. I used the platinum color to match our pool deck. I'm about ready to reassemble and reattach to the pool.

Latest pictures of installed refinished slide. Waiting on water jets and tubing which should arrive this week. I know my grandkids cannot wait to try it out; of course, Papa will have to give it a test run, too!

That looks great! I love the color CUTiger78 Well-known member. May 24, NoVA. All you DIY'ers have done beautiful jobs on your slides! Me, I'm not so much of a DIY'er. I took mine to a local independent body shop. I figured that if they could repair Corvettes, they could repair a fiberglass slide. Did a great job. Cheaper than a new one, more expensive than DIY. BTW, the water nozzles are available at Leslie's pretty cheap. Wow, never even thought of taking ours to a body shop That is how I figured out how to refurbish it though.

I figured if you can repair the fiberglass on a corvette, a slide should be pretty simple. I just never thought to take it to a shop. Click to expand How's the paint holding up on the refinished slide?


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