What mew mew power character are you

what mew mew power character are you

Which Mew Mew Character Are You?

Have you ever watched Mew mew power and wondered which character you are most like. Well, here's your chance to find out. Are you: Zoey Hanson is part teenager, part Wild Mountain Cat and % whacky! As the fearless leader of the Mew Mews, Zoey is under a lot of pressure to prioritize. Apr 23, This is just a short quiz that should determine which Mew Mew you're the most like. First question: Out of these animals, which one suits you best? As generic as it sounds, I'd say a wolf. It symbolizes my tendency to walk alone.

Please leave empty:. We first start with the ever so common question. What is kew favorite color? Green is the best. Talking to a friend, sitting on a bench. Doing whatever with my friend. Skipping with my every-so-awesome friends! What are bdus made of wandering with my friends.

Cuaracter walking to the bakery, but what mew mew power character are you hear someone scream chracter help. Luckily you Scream, "I'm the leader! I can do it! Look worried, grab a few friends, and tries to use awesome "magical" powers! No hesitation, go on to save that person immediately! Feel pressured and take all of your friends and then try to save the person. Being calm and cool about it, grab a few others, yo save him. What is your absolute favorite weapon?

Be careful with these! Characher are NOT toys! A slender, thing whip. Um, a ring. They're cool! A cool arrow me spearhead thing.

Pink anything! Must have bell! Wolves, dogs, you know. A dolphin or anything like that! A birdie. A monkey. They're really cool. What's the next question, you ask? What is your favorite thing to do? Doing anything with my friends! I'm meww passionate about it!

Modelling, dancing, singing, acting! What can I say? I'm multi-talented. And cooking. And even sewing, once in a while! Doing my circus like talents and acts! Oh my gee! I'm also! I don't know how to say this But I'm Go spring! Or perhaps the start of summer. Late winter. Middle autumn. Early autumn. Walking about to the exclusive new outfit at the new mall! But then. I know. So, do you have an umbrella? My pretty lace parasol will do the trick!

Don't worry-- my boyfriend will save me! I love the water! Financial problems to "Baby, I'm rich! I guess so. My lunch money is stolen everyday. I am how to learn spanish book rich! Money can't buy you love! No teatime! When guys are so confusing Being eldest of the family. Getting ready for an interview. Reading and cooking and sewing!

Working at Tokyo Mew Mew. Completing this quiz? Taking care of my little siblings. Comments 1. Change color. Hannah Delete this comment Cancel.

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Sep 16, Which Tokyo Mew Mew Character Are You? 10 Questions - Developed by: Liz - Updated on: - Developed on: - 87, taken - User Rating: of 5 - votes - /5(). Which Tokyo Mew Mew Character are you? 12 Questions - Developed by: Clara Stonewood - Developed on: - 11, taken - User Rating: of 5 - 26 votes Well, for you fans of Tokyo Mew Mew, such as myself, take this quiz to find out who you really are in Tokyo Mew Mew!/5(26). Miffykitty What Mew Mew Character Are You? Date Added 05/05/09 Accuracy Rating: 87% ( votes) Category Tokyo Mew Mew Quizzes Tags anime, cute, ichigo, kawaii, manga, mew mew, mews, mint, quiz, tokyo mew mew Favorited 67 members Feedback 17 comments.

Ichigo is sweet, and ready for anything. Sometimes she will go crazy if she is mad or excited. She is head-over-heels in love with Masaya. Ichigo cares very much about her friends, and cannot bear to see someone hurt.

However, she's also got a very bold nature and is very friendly. She's also very hard working, and very brave the only thing that scares her is ghosts. She's a very good leader of Tokyo Mew Mew. Her hobbies are buying clothes, and spending time with Masaya Aoyama. Her favorite food is pastry with maple syrup, popcorn, pizza, pancakes, and fried tuna fish. She dislikes carrots. She is hyper and a happy, cheery person. Her friends Moe and Miwa support her relationship with Masaya.

She acts quite preppy in Mew Mew Power. Zakuro tends to be a loner and initially refuses to join the other Mew Mews, but changes her mind after they come to her aid. She is presented as a mature character. She likes the Internet. Her favorite food is watermelon and her favorite drink is milk. However, she dislikes the natto Japanese fermented soybeans. To Minto, she is an idol.

Ichigo finds her as a big sister figure and thinks she stands out at parties and acts calm and cool in dire situations. To Bu-Ling, she's just normal and doesn't stand out in the crowd. She is also very smart, though she often masks her knowledge of things, and talks to Ryou about conflicts within the group. An example is when the blue knight joined the Mew Mews and she said to Ryou she is worried about the same thing he is. Bu-Ling likes doing acrobatics and likes playing. However she dislikes rakkyo Chinese onions.

She usually wears Chinese themed clothes when she is home, at a party or visiting. The other Mew Mews agree that her monkey DNA is a perfect match for her personality as she is full of energy and loves having fun to the point Minto considers her very immature. She is also the most hyperactive member of the team, even more-so than Ichigo. Minto was initially depicted as spoiled, snobbish, and self-centered because of her wealth like most rich girls in cartoons, movies and books , but shown to really be an empathetic person who cares deeply about her friends as the series progresses.

Minto is, despite her relatively small size, extremely headstrong and can be very powerful when cooperating with her teammates. She enjoys dancing, particularly in the style of ballet. Her favorite food is French food and scones. She slightly dislikes common food i.

Retasu is a sweet but shy and timid girl. She is very polite and always speaks formally, even to her friends and family, who she speaks to all the time. Retasu's family is very positive and they told her that she would be able to make friends when she thought she couldn't.

Retasu becomes more confident when she joins the Mew Mews, and leaves the three girls that bully her though in Mew Mew Power she still talks to them. Retasu does not like to get involved in fights unless it will prevent her friends from being harmed. Retasu's favorite foods are shortcakes, grapes and stewed foods, while her least favorite foods are shiitake mushrooms.

Always wondered which girl is the most similar to you? Well, this is your chance to find out. Created by Nicole Langdon. How many friends do you have?

Only few, but worthy. My family members are my backbone. I'm a lone wolf. A lot of them! My dog is my best friend. What is your type of guy? I'm into girls. Brave, protective and smart. Don't need one. I'm independent. Kind and loyal. Childish and funny. What's your greatest opulence? My true love. My family. My talent. With which element of nature do you feel the most connected to?

Choose one animal. What's your top priority? My love life. To have fun. To prove my parents that I'm worthy. What's your biggest flaw? Sometimes I can seem too cold. Sometimes I'm hyperactive. Too vain. Would you fall in love with the enemy? I wouldn't. If we have something in common. They can only fall for me. If the enemy is hot.

Pick the lovable. Masaya; Smart, cute, very athletic and popular. Keiichiro; Kind and always there. Zakuro; She's my role model. Tart; He is so sweet and funny. Ryou; He is so handsome, and intelligent.

Are you good in keeping secrets? Well, I'm trying to be. Yes, I'm very affectionate. I can not resist gossiping. Sure, I'm always withdrawn.

I can be really blithering. Facebook Comments.


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